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Celebrate .CLOUD's first birthday in style!


February is an exceptionally cloudy month, not only because it is the middle of the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but most importantly because .CLOUD celebrates its first birthday on February 16th (the anniversary of our General Availability)!

It has been an incredible year with over 95000 .cloud domains registered in over 150 countries. We are especially delighted to see all the different ways .cloud has been put to use. We love seeing more and more .cloud sites going live every day: from the cloud industry, to startups and small businesses, to individuals sharing their hobbies and passions. We are thankful to everyone that has embraced .cloud. 

T-shirt-(5).jpeg.Cloud domain + a free limited edition t-shirt

To celebrate our birthday, our good friends at Gandi designed a stylish .CLOUD t-shirt. It’s the first new Top-Level Domain to get a spot in their very cool t-shirt collection, and we absolutely love it!

And the great news is that the first 200 customers that buy a .cloud domain from Gandi in the month of February will get the .CLOUD t-shirt for free (one per customer).

So celebrate .CLOUD’s first birthday in style and head over to to grab your .cloud domain + a free limited edition t-shirt!

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